Party like a Rock Star with Chloe Amour in Hollywood

I started getting ready for my party by getting a blowout and the DryBar and then my makeup done at Sephora.  I decided to wear a green dress to represent my birthstone color Emerald.  Some of the ladies can by my place to pre drink.  We had a glass of wine & toasted to the start of a good night.  We were looking forward to partying it up in the VIP at the OHM night club in Hollywood.

Hosting a party and getting wild and crazy on your birthday can be tricky, as a host, you want to make sure everyone is having a good time, enjoying themselves, plenty to drink and so forth.  All of guests were super happy, dancing and just partying our butts off.  The club came out with a birthday show to celebrate my special days with bottle service girls holding up signs that spelled Chloe in lights.  It was super awesome!

Then there’s the other side of you that just wants to kick out the jams, get wild and crazy, and seriously party like a rock star. All in all I think it went well, everyone left smiling.

Ever wonder what happens when the party ends? I was so hungry from all the partying that I couldn’t wait to get a fresh hot dog from one of the street vendors in Hollywood.  I was so hungry and eager to eat, but it was so HOT, I started choking to death literally.  Sapphire, Selma Sins, Cindy Anonymous and uber driver were my witness, I thought I was going to die, what a way for day 1 of my birthday weekend to end. I’d like to thank Rishi the promoter, the awesome staff at OHM Night Club, all my fans and friends who truly made it a night to remember. What will tomorrow bring? Only time will tell.

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